About The Raven King

So who is this Raven King, anyway?

The Raven King is a very small, independant board game publisher. The company was founded in 2013 by David Janik-Jones (DaveyJJ on BoardGameGeek) as an outlet for him to advertise, talk about, and publish his own game designs. In 2014, The Raven King began accepting and testing game designs from outside designers, and will be publishing these in limited print runs. The first non-Raven King design to be published will be Robert Hahn's Little Towne.

The Raven King is based in Waterloo, Ontario. We attend a number of major board game conventions every year, and can bring along our games for sale or play. Our favourite conventions include: Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio; and a number in southern Ontario including the quarterly TABSCON conventions in Toronto; Breslau game meet-ups every two months; Castlecon in Oshawa; Breakout in Toronto; Hammercon in Hamilton; and Hot Lead, Canada's largest miniatures convention held in Stratford. The Raven King also hosts a monthly gaming group located in uptown Waterloo, on the last Friday of every month. Waterloo also happens to be home to one of Canada's best brick-and-mortar retail game stores, J&J Cards & Collectibles, well worth a visit if you're in the city.

The Raven King also offers volunteer help to other game designers and publishers. This help can include creating Vassal modules for your games, proof-reading rulebooks, play-testing (in small or large groups), advice, and other general feedback on game ideas.

We have a Twitter account, that you can use to keep up to date on all of the latest news. That's the little bird icon at the bottom of every page ... just click that. Thanks for visiting.

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