In stock. A two player, story-telling wargame based on Chris Engle's Matrix engine.

The year is 1944 and the world is at war. Around the globe, soldiers are ordered into the cauldron of battle to attack a well-prepared enemy and to try to capture the next village, hill, crossroads or ruined farmhouse. The stories and narratives that your create to describe the gallant efforts of your company of soldiers as they move against a skilled defender, across unknown terrain, will decide if those men achieve victory, or suffer defeat on the field of battle.

Move It, Soldier! is a two player story-telling wargame set during WW2 that was publicly showcased at Protospiel North at Hammercon in November 2012, the game uses Chris Engle’s matrix story engine as its core mechanic. Games take place in one of the four major WW2 theatres of combat: West Front, East Front, Pacific or Mediterranean. One player commands any soldiers of any Allied country that fought in WW2, the other player commands a historically correct Axis force. One player will be the attacker and the other player will be the defender. Players verbally state a structured narrative statement (“argument”) on each turn that describes what happens during the battle, and gain Victory Points based on how well they tell their story.

At the end of the game, the player who has won at least 4 more Victory Points (“VPs”) than his opponent will win the game. The game can end in a draw, with neither player winning enough VPs to win a decisive victory. The game takes 30–60 minutes to play.

Move It, Soldier! is available now for CDN$22.99 direct from our website. The price includes the game components: 126 cards and 40 player tokens (8mm cubes). Payment is available via PayPal or e-transfer (in Canada) after we confirm your address and shipping costs via email reply. In addition to the game components, players require the printable rules and game boards that are available as free PDF files (see link below).

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