In stock. A three-to-seven player card-driven story-telling murder mystery game.

The year is 1955 and everything seems quite normal in the village of Thornbury and its most famous residence, the stately—yet slightly run-down—Woodperry Hall. England has been at peace for a decade, the family and guests are at the Hall for a evening meal, the cook has prepared a delightful supper, and the staff have arranged the summer’s mauve and white flowers in crystal vases in impecible fashion. Everything is simply tip-top ... except for the still-warm body found on the grounds of Woodperry Hall. Was it murder or suicide? Was it simply an accident, or something far more sinister? Oh, without a doubt it’s murder alright, and now Oxford City Police detectives will arrive and in dramatic fashion solve the case. Who will be discovered to have commited the crime?

A Very English Murder: Murder at Woodperry Hall is a three- to eight-player murder mystery game set in the fictional village of Thornbury, near Oxford, England in 1955. It is a narrative game where players cooperatively construct a story about a murder that takes place by answering questions and trying to appear innocent. Each player assumes the role of a character who is frequently found in classic English murder mystery novels. Every turn, one player assumes the role of an Oxford City Police Detective to question the other players who, in turn, build a case against each other to make sure another character is responsible for the murder that took place. At the end of the game, the Detective will solve the crime and—in dramatic fashion—reveal who the murderer is. Will you turn out to be the one who committed the murder?

A Very English Murder: Murder at Woodperry Hall is available now for CDN$24.99 direct from our website. The price includes the game components: 24 character cards, 48 question cards and 12 special ability cards (poker-sized), 69 motive/red herring cards (1-5/8x2-1/2"), and 21 8mm cubes. Payment is available via PayPal or e-transfer (in Canada) after we confirm your address and shipping costs via email reply. In addition to the game components, players require the printable rules and game board that are available as free PDF files (see link below).

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