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Following a successful mid-2016 release of A Very English Murder: Murder at Woodperry Hall, we will be publishing a game called Little Towne, by new game designer Robert Hahn in mid-to-late 2017.

Robert Hahn's Little Towne is a pick-up and deliver micro-game, set in the European countryside of the early 1800s, in which up to four players compete to move crops from fields to village, progressing along a path from field, to mill, to delivery, and finally to the market village. The goal is convert the crops you've planted into saleable goods in the village. The game is played in two phases. In the first half of the game, players create the landscape the goods will move through by playing cards, and then planting crops. Each landscape card played will feature things like fields, roads, and barriers to movement such as lakes, hills and forests. There is also a special card (the church) that can be placed. In the second half of the game, players move crops in straight lines (orthogonal or diagonal) towards the village. When the marketplace in the village is filled up, the game ends and a winner is determined.

The Raven King also has several more game designs in development: a regiment/battalion-scale block piece WW2 game based on mechanics from the early 1980s using simple forward momentum on a 3x6 grid of terrain tiles and hidden information, a small tactical solitaire WW2 infantry wargame (a mash-up of the mechanics from classic solitaire titles like B-17 Queen of the Skies combined with British and Commonwealth infantry), and an unannounced Euro-style game. More news about these titles will be posted here as development moves along.

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